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About Us

About Us

We are a Chilean company with more than 60 years of experience in the forestry, farming and livestock supply market.

We offer products and services which are exported to more than 30 countries in the world. We are a diversified Company that participates in the production and commercialization of seeds, agrochemicals, animal and vegetal nutrition, lawn & garden products, pest control and pet care.

We also count with a subsidiary that offers services of agricultural mechanization.

We have specialists in every line of product we sell.

We have developed a continual inversion in technology and product development.

Our products get to thousands of users around the world through a vast net of commercial-technical support.

History and Future

ANASAC, Agricola National S.A.C , was founded on 1948 supported by the National Agricultural Society, SNA (for its name in Spanish). During more than half-century it has had a permanent presence and an important growing in the agricultural sector of Chile.

On its beginning it was strongly related to the production and commercialization of seeds, area that gave the Company a quality and leadership seal that is maintained until these days.

Nowadays ANASAC produces, commercializes and distributes supplies for the agricultural, livestock, forest and agro-industrial sectors. Besides, it has a complete line of products for lawn & garden, grassland areas, pest control and pet care.

The development achieved and the diversity of products offered, turned ANASAC into one of the most important private Companies that supply forestry, farming and livestock products in Latin-America.

Mission and Vision

Our MISION is to supply the national and international market with services and supplies destined to the forestry, farming and livestock Sector, differentiated in technology and quality, contributing with high value solutions for our clients, that allow us to give our shareholders appropriate yield for their investments and sustainability over time.

Our VISION is to contribute for the sustainable development of the forestry, farming and livestock sector, being a socially responsible Company, with a renown innovation capacity, that offers integral technologic solutions with quality products and services, forming a human and professional team of excellence.